3 Ton 15.10 SEER 90k BTU 95% AFUE Variable Speed MrCool Signature Central Heat Pump & Gas Split System - Upflow

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3 Ton 15 SEER MrCool Signature Central Heat Pump Condenser - MHP15036A
MrCool HA18192
The MRCOOL 15 SEER Heat Pump Split System works diligently to make your home a comfortable space. This product gives you total energy efficiency with it's enhanced tube-and-fin coil design, allowing you to get more bang for your buck. You can have peace-of-mind with this product due to its affordability, quality, efficiency, and comfort. Look no further for your family's next home central heating and air system.

Standard Features

High-quality condenser coil with copper tubing and enhanced louvered fin for maximum heat transfer capacity
Easy access to electrical panels, pre-wired for easy hook-up
Discharge muffler for quiet operation
Defrost control is Quiet Shift™ capable
Charged for 15 feet of interconnecting tubing
All units ETL and ETLC approved and AHRI Certified
Compact design for easy installation
90k BTU 95% AFUE MrCool Signature Gas Furnace - MGM95SE090C4XA
MrCool HA18227
There's nothing like your first high gas bill of the season to make you dread a long, cold winter. If that's the boat you're in, you need to make a change. You need to invest in a powerful, high quality, and energy efficient heater like the 90k BTU 95% AFUE multi-positional gas furnace by MRCOOL. Unlike a lot of other furnace models, the MRCOOL 90k BTU 95% AFUE furnace wastes a minimal amount of fuel. This ensures most of your dollar is spent wisely rather than wasted, and that in turn means you have to spend less of those dollars to keep your house warm all winter long. Depending on the severity of winter weather where you live, that might mean the difference between a few dozen dollars or a few hundred dollars. So don't dread winter. Instead, choose the efficient, versatile and high quality heat of the MRCOOL. It's also protected by a 20 year Heat Exchanger Warranty, and a 10-Year Registered Parts Warranty.

Standard Features

Variable speed high efficiency blower motor
Self diagnostics saves last 10 fault codes regardless of power interruption
Standardized widths for easy coil fit
10 year registered parts warranty
20 year heat exchanger warranty
Aluminized steel inshot burners for smooth ignition
Complies with California's South Coast Air Quality
Optional propane conversion kit sold separately
Easily removable slide out blower design
Constant torque motor produces consistent airflow and even temperatures
Uses up to 1/3 less energy than a fixed-speed blower
Energy Star certified
4 Ton MrCool Signature Evaporator Coil - MCVP48CNPA
MrCool HA18508
This is a brand new 4 ton, R410A & R22 refrigerant, Upflow cased Evaporator Coil. This efficient and durable coil is the solution for heat pumps and air conditioners for fast, flexible application. This Signature Series coil, when appropriately paired with a MRCOOL Signature Series condenser and gas furnace or modular blower, can achieve efficiency ratings of up to 16 SEER.

Standard Features

Interlocking door assemblies and snug line sealgrommets to minimize air leakage
All units UL Listed and AHRI Certified
R22 & R410A compatible
Microban® antimicrobial additive in the drain pan to resist mold and mildew growth
Foil-face insulation for easy cleaning
All drain pans are compatible with UV lights
Mobile home approved
Superior service access to components, withtubing located at door split and foil-face insulation
10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

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