27k BTU 23 SEER MrCool Olympus Ductless Heat Pump Split System - 3 Zone Concealed Duct - 9k+9k+9k

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Installing HVAC solutions has never been easier! MRCOOL provides your contractor with nearly everything required to install your HVAC system. From the pre-charged condenser filled with R-410a refrigerant to the insulated lineset that should provide you with the length you need to get the job done. An insulated lineset is crucial to prevent any kind of water damage that can arise from condensation build up during operation. It also provides you with a form of efficiency from temperature losses

Concealed duct units are meant to be hidden behind drywall and have dimensions that should allow you to install them with a breeze. If they don’t fit within your existing ceiling space, you always have the option of building a bulkhead around the unit to keep it hidden. This package is ideal for 3 separate zones, but can also be installed in one large common area that’s up to 1200 square feet. If you choose to install these units in 3 separate zone, each zone shouldn’t exceed 400 square feet. If your space is more than the allotted amount, MrCool has plenty of sizes to choose from in a variety of options and at a competitive pricing.

MRCOOL's 27k BTU 23 SEER Olympus Ductless Heat Pump Split System is anchored by a MULTI3-27HP230V1 condenser built with advanced inverter variable-speed compressor technology, and self-diagnostic features such as leak detection. Inside, heat and cool three zones independently with three 9k concealed-duct air handlers. Inverter technology helps these units keep your temperature consistent instead of flipping on and off.

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