27k BTU 23 SEER MrCool Olympus Ductless Heat Pump Split System - 3 Zone Concealed Duct - 9k+12k+12k

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The Olympus series provides you with a large variety of ductless solutions. Varying from size, price, type and quantity of air handlers, you’ll be sure to find a package that fits your needs. With packages that offer up to 5 indoor air handlers connected to one condenser, the Olympus series is flexible and always keeps efficiency on top of the priority list.

Providing you with instant cooling or heating when and where you want it, you’ll have the luxury of installing a unit in any room, giving you a far better experience than traditional central air systems. You can’t be in all of the rooms in your home at once, so why pay to heat or cool the rooms that aren’t being used? Ductless technology gives you the advantage of turning the temperature up or down in rooms that aren’t being used, resulting in lower utility bills.

The concealed duct design gives you all of the benefits of a ductless system but without having a visible air handling unit. These air handlers have been designed to fit in ceiling spaces where they can be installed behind drywall or bulkhead if your ceiling doesn’t allow for it. This 27,000 BTU 23 SEER ductless heat pump system comes with 3 concealed duct air handlers. Two of them are 12,000 BTU, which will fit spaces that are about 550 square feet each, and a 9000 BTU unit, that will fit a 400 square foot space. This unit comes with one pre charged condenser that will save you space, as multiple condensers aren’t required for this system.

Count on MRCOOL to provide you with all of your ductless HVAC needs.

If you've been heating and cooling your three-zone space with furnace and window units, you'll be amazed how comfortable you can be. This 33k BTU 23 SEER MRCOOL Olympus Ductless Heat Pump Split System includes a MULTI3-27HP230V1 condenser, inverter variable-speed compressor technology, and leak detection self-diagnostic technology. Two concealed duct air handlers bring 12k of power. A 9k unit covers a third area up to 350 sq ft.

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