12k BTU MrCool U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner

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If you dread the warmer months of the year because that means you'll have to suffer through high indoor temperatures and you don't want to risk a bloated electric bill, you need the MrCool DIY U-Shaped 12k BTU Window Air Conditioner. You can trust in the efficiency of this system, because it is certified by Energy Star and it uses R32 refrigerant to help it save 35% more than typical window units. That means that this investment is really worth it, because it could potentially pay for itself while providing perfect comfort the whole time.

The comfort produced by the MrCool DIY U-Shaped window unit can cover up to 550 square feet, and you can directly feel its air flow up to 20 feet away, which means you'll be able to cool down a good amount of your home with this single unit. Don't make yourself and your family endure another season of sweat, just get this window air conditioner from MrCool.

You can have this unit out of the box and in your window in no time at all! This air conditioner has an easy three-step diy installation. Step One: affix the included bracket into the window. Step Two: put the unit onto the bracket. Step Three: secure the sidearms. It's literally as easy as One, Two, Three!

Once the MrCool DIY U-Shaped 12k BTU Window Air Conditioner is plugged in, you'll be able to enjoy all the cool air that you can handle. You might have to check twice to make sure it's even on, it'll be so quiet. At 42 decibels, it's only a little louder than a library or a flowing stream. The U-shaped design of the window unit has two functions: to let you open and close the window as you like, and to block the noise that the loud half of the window unit makes with your own window! Making your home comfortable is as simple as getting this unit and performing the three steps that follow.

Once you get settled in with this window unit and you make yourself comfortable, you can use the multiple modes and features to make yourself even more comfortable, and to make your bills even lower. These modes include an AUTO operation to ensure your space is at the temperature you want all the time, a drying mode to reduce sweaty, sticky humidity, a timer to schedule your unit's operation, a sleep mode to increase both efficiency and comfort when you're resting, and an Eco mode to improve savings.

You can even control your window unit with your phone, and with your Amazon Alexa or your Google Assistant. This window air conditioner gives you the height of air comfort luxury in a small, U-shaped package. The precise, refreshing cooling power of this MrCool 12k BTU U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner will help to make summer your favorite season.

Easy DIY MrCool U-Shaped 12k BTU Window Air Conditioner Installation:

  1. Affix the included bracket into the window
  2. Place the unit onto the bracket
  3. Secure the sidearms
  4. Plug it in
  5. Enjoy ice cold air

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