18k BTU 18.5 SEER MrCool Easy Pro Ductless Heat Pump Split System - DIY Mini Split

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Dealing with indoor climate discomfort on top of everything else can be another level of stress, which is why you need the comfort that the MrCool Easy Pro 18k BTU DIY Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System can provide. This mini split is 18.5 SEER, meaning it has the potential to save you lots of money throughout its lifespan. This specific 18k BTU MrCool mini split is perfect for spaces around 750 square feet, meaning you can put this in an additional room, a living room, a workshop, or whatever else you want. The 16 foot pre-charged line set, which has Fast Connect fittings, allows the system to be easily hooked up to the condenser and the air handler, which eliminates the need for a pricey professional installation! Just mount the air handler, place the condenser, and hook up the line set!

The MrCool Easy Pro 18k BTU Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System is alot like MrCool's flagship DIY system in that you can do it yourself. The biggest difference with the MrCool Easy Pro 18k mini split is that it has a slightly lower SEER rating and a much lower price point, to help fit your budget.

You'll be able to enjoy comfort exactly how you want with the many different features that come with this system. For example, the Follow Me feature can make sure that the temperature you want is pushed to wherever you are, as long as you bring the remote with you. This system also has a Sleep operation that will lower the amount of energy use while still keeping you extremely comfortable throughout the night. The washable filters make sure that you're always breathing fresh, clean air, because you can clean them as you see fit. This system can also be operated through your phone with the Smart HVAC app for ultimate convenience! The Smart HVAC app lets you put the system on a schedule, view a timeline of the unit's operations, turn modes on or off as you see fit, and much more. You'll enjoy stress-free comfort with this system by your side.

Enjoy the best comfort every single day with this system. If something goes wrong, the Easy Pro has a 1 year compressor warranty and a 2 year parts warranty. Enjoy complete comfort all year long with the MrCool Easy Pro 18k BTU DIY Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System.

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